I! Accept Disciples and Become Stronger! - C.323: Ye QingsongNov 09, 2023

I! Accept Disciples and Become Stronger!

C.323: Ye QingsongNov 09, 2023

Chapter 323: Ye Qingsong

Xuan Yi’s voice was like thunder, shaking this world.

“Now, I’ll return the same words to you, Lei Ren!”

He didn’t have the slightest bit of respect for the Ancient Emperor. He directly called him by his first name,

“Now, kneel in front of me, break your meridians and spiritual roots, and apologize to the common people who have been poisoned by the Ancient Alliance. I can,” Xuan Yi coldly laughed, “I’ll give you a quick death.”

“Junior, you’re too arrogant!”

The Ancient Emperor Lei Ren was furious, let alone after becoming a God Emperor, even when he was only a half-step God Emperor, no one in the entire Southern Continent dared to act so arrogantly in front of him!


The purple-golden ancient war chariot behind the Thunder Soaring Ancient God Emperor let out a resounding rumble.

He used his most powerful attack, divine force covered the ancient war chariot, and rumbling sounds shaking heaven and earth.

It was as if a streak of violet-golden divine light had descended from the sky, and it was the might that was about to pierce through the entire Origin domain.

He aimed at Xuan Yi and attacked!

However, Xuan Yi’s expression was indifferent, not the slightest bit afraid. He only said softly, “Where is Ye Qingsong?”

The next moment, behind Xuan Yi.

A towering pine tree rose from the ground.

Ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine zhang[mfn]1 zhang=3.58 meters[/mfn] green pine trees entered the clouds, and they were on the verge of breaking through the sky.

At the moment it appeared in the world, it directly struck the strongest strike of the Ancient Emperor Lei Ren.

He was knocked back a thousand feet!

A green pine tree stretched to the sky.

In front of the pine tree, an old man dressed in green was holding a pine stick.

They were old eyes that held the shine of the Morning Star.

He looked like a very ordinary old man. He was no different from the ordinary old men. 𝗯𝗲𝗱𝗻𝗼𝘃𝐞𝐥.𝗰𝗼𝐦

But no one would look down on him at all!

Because it was just that moment.

The old man silently appeared behind Xuan Yi.

His movements were so fast that it was impossible to see them clearly.

The pine stick in his hand flickered in the air.


It was the sky-reaching green pine that attacked the Ancient Emperor Lei Ren with all its strength.

He was sent flying!

“Another God Emperor?”

When did another Emperor realm powerhouse appear in the Southern Continent?”

“Who is that old man? Why would he appear behind Xuan Yi and protect Xuan Yi?”

The cultivators present were puzzled.

But what was even more shocking was the Thunder Soaring Ancient God Emperor that was blasted flying by the pine tree!

He stood on the purple-golden ancient war chariot, his expression abnormally red.

Thunder Emperor looked at Elder Qingsong and said in a low voice, “Who are you? Are you going to make me your enemy?!”

Old Man Qingsong did not reply. Instead, he turned his gaze to Xuan Yi.

The instant he summoned Elder Ye Qingsong.

It was different from summoning Bing Yu.

Xuan Yi could feel the pressure from the peak of the Heavenly King Realm.

But this time, Old Man Ye Qingsong was summoned.

He had yet to take action.

The instant he descended to the Southern Continent, Xuan Yi felt that the entire world seemed to have arrived because of Ye Qingsong.

And it trembled endlessly!

The might of a God emperor was terrifying to the extreme!

Lei Ren saw that Ye Qingsong paid no attention to him at all, and he shot his gaze towards Xuan Yi instead.

Lei Ren, who suddenly felt humiliated, immediately shouted in a low voice, “Your distinguished self is so rude, do you think too highly of yourself!”

Even though Lei Ren’s voice was resounding.

However, it was not the same as before when he faced Xuan and directly attacked.

The cultivators below had yet to sense anything.

However, Zhang Ji was already infinitely close to a half-step God Emperor. He had a certain understanding of the God Emperor realm.

Even though he was unable to sense Lei Ren and Old Man Qingsong’s respective cultivation realms.

But he acutely noticed that even though Lei Ren seemed to be extremely calm.

Yet, he faintly revealed a feeling of being tough but weak?

This discovery caused wild waves to rise in Zhang Ji’s heart.

Xuan Yi, just how many trump cards and secrets were hidden behind the number one genius of the Southern Continent?

Bing Yu from before, this time the Green Pine Old Man.

One was a Dao Protector who was at the peak of the Heavenly King Realm and had a battle strength comparable to a half-step God Emperor.

She protected Xuan Yi from Nascent Soul realm attacks to King realm.

This time, an old man from the Green Pine Tree was summoned!

If it weren’t for the fact that Zhang Ji knew that Xuan Yi was actually a native of the Southern Continent.

He couldn’t help but wonder if Xuan Yi was a Chosen from a great sect in the outside world, coming here only to train himself.

At this moment, in another distant region.

On the other side of the Endless Galaxy, in a magnificent palace.

The three mighty figures were bathed in the golden sea of divine power.

Divine radiance dispersed, and it enveloped all three of them. It was impossible to see their faces clearly, and they were like gods in the sky.

In the middle of them, a huge ward of light appeared, revealing the situation in the Origin domain.

These three were the three remaining human God Emperors in the Southern Continent.

“He’s a Third Calamity God Emperor!”

It was as if a wave of shock had appeared in the heart of the Ancient Primordial God Emperor!

Just where did this mysterious old man come from?

Compared to the Ancient Realm Origin Immortal Emperor, the other two Southern Continent Divine Sovereigns had a higher cultivation base.

It was even clearer.

The corners of God Emperor Beiyu’s eyes twitched wildly. “Not only the Third Calamity God Emperor, look at that green pine …”

In the projection, the pine tree supported itself into the sky. Shockingly, three complete divine markings were engraved on the trunk!

This meant that the mysterious old man had already attained perfection in the third level of the Emperor Realm.

At any moment, he could begin to undergo the fourth stage of the Emperor Tribulation. At that time, he would enter an even more formidable realm!

“He’s only half a step away from empyrean … The Southern Continent has such a great cultivator. Why didn’t we know?” The Heavenly Sword God Emperor said in a low voice.

The Primordial Emperor and Beiyu shook their heads helplessly.

God Emperors were extremely powerful. They could easily destroy the heavens and destroy the earth. With their full strength, even the great region would collapse.

However, similarly, if a God Emperor wanted to hide his identity.

Unless his cultivation was higher than his, others wouldn’t discover any clues.

The three God Emperors were silent as they looked at the sky-piercing pine.

They’d originally intended to personally make a move to stop Thunder Soaring Ancient God Emperor and launch a massacre.

Unexpectedly, a variable appeared in the sky.

A Perfect Third Calamity God Emperor!

The Emperor realm was different from any previous great realm.

With each step forward, a heavenly tribulation would descend. Only by crossing it would one be able to advance to the next level.

This was the legendary Divine Sovereign Tribulation!