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C.322: Lightning Hand Strike!Nov 07, 2023

Chapter 322: Lightning Hand Strike! 𝚋𝚎d𝚗ov𝚎𝚕.co𝚖

“How is that possible? He dared to come here, doesn’t he want to live?”

“He wouldn’t think that he’ll be able to rely on his life to make the Ancient Emperor Lei Ren spare the three domains, right?” Chen Xi asked.

The last person to speak was a descendant of the Ancient Alliance Kings. His voice was venomous and sharp.

However, it was well hidden. It was hidden among the crowd. It was simply unknown who had spoken.

Zhang Ji already guessed in his heart, but he still didn’t want to believe it. He looked up.

As expected, it was that black-haired, black-robed youth with a fiery red spirit sword.

His face was resolute, his eyes were like stars, and he stepped on the divine cloud as he flew over!

The Profound One had descended into the Origin domain!

“Xuan Yi, why have you come here? Hurry up and leave. You’re not his match, even if you count on Bing Yu!” Zhang Ji Heavenly King panicked and hurriedly sent a voice transmission to Xuan Yi.

Zhang Ji words had just reached Xuan Yi’s ears when he saw a tall, burly, ruddy old man in the clouds.

He sneered.

Within his body, his voice was like a thunderclap that reverberated through the sky.

“You are Xuan Yi? Young man, know your sins!”

However, Xuan Yi didn’t pay any attention to Ancient Emperor Lei Ren’s question at all.

Smiling and nodding at Zhang Ji and the three Heavenly Kings Qi, Bo, and Fog who he had met before, he said, “Seniors, there is no need to worry about me. A mere Ancient Emperor isn’t enough to frighten me.”

Once those words were spoken, Zhang Ji and the others were all stunned.

Xuan Yi did not send a sound transmission. Instead, he directly used his spiritual yuan to drum up and spread his voice throughout Azure Dragon City and even the Origin domain.

All of the cultivators who had asked were stunned.

“Did I hear correctly? Did that Xuan Yi get so pressured that he has lost it?”

“Ha, I’m afraid he has lost his mind!”

Zhang Ji also smiled bitterly. He didn’t think Xuan Yi was crazy or anything.

He only thought that Xuan Yi’s confidence in his Sword Dao was a bit too much.

Shaking his head, he said, “You don’t understand how huge the gap between a God Emperor and a King is. It’s not a gap that can be bridged by the Dao of the Sword.”

Zhang Ji Heavenly King acknowledged that Xuan Yi’s talent was truly world-shaking.

The five sword intents merged with the world.

When the sword was released, it was enough to surpass a great realm.

Zhang Ji guessed that Xuan Yi had gained new benefits during his disappearance.

For example, the fifth tier sword intent had broken through to the peak of the fifth tier.

But this wasn’t sufficient to change the gap in strength between the Ancient Emperor Lei Ren and Xuan Yi!

Even if Xuan Yi broke through to Heavenly King, it would be the same.

It was just like the difference between a Nascent Soul cultivator and a King realm cultivator.

God Emperors and Kings were able to utilize a fundamentally different power!


What the God Emperor had used had already surpassed the realm of spiritual yuan, and reached an even higher level!

Divine power!

His divine power was vast and boundless.

Unless Xuan Yi was able to advance into the God Emperor Realm, otherwise, he would be unable to go against him!

Zhang Ji still wanted to persuade him, but the voice of Ancient Emperor Lei Ren rushed out.

Facing Xuan Yi’s figure, he pressed down ferociously!

“Originally, I had an intention on leaving you alive if you broke your meridians, spiritual roots, and begged me while kneeling in repentance. But, since you’re so arrogant, you can go do all that in hell! ”

The huge hand flickered with purple lightning radiance as it swirled around the clouds and evaporated all the clouds into mist!

Zhang Ji and the others didn’t even have the time to assist. They could only watch as the huge hand moved.

He swallowed Xuan Yi’s entire body!

“Ai …”

Heavenly King Zhang Ji let out a long sigh.

As for those ancient King clansmen, they couldn’t help but celebrate.

“Hahaha, what genius of the Sword Dao? The number one genius of the Southern Continent? In the end, he would only be reduced to ashes. To his death, he could only be a King!”

“Don’t forget that even though Xuan Yi is dead, the Heaven Domain Xuan Clan and the Saint domain Sacred Academy are still there.”

There was an old ancient King who spoke with a sinister voice, his eyes cruel and cold.

“Even though Xuan Yi is dead, the debt he owes to our ancient King clans hasn’t disappeared yet. Let’s send soldiers to the Xuan Clan and the Middle Saint Academy to wipe out these two powers!”

As soon as those words were spoken, everyone immediately agreed.

“King Hui is right, that’s right!”

“Break through the Heavenly domain and destroy the Xuan Clan!”

“The Cai Clan also won’t be forgiven …”

The last cultivator had just finished speaking when he suddenly stiffened to death.

He was originally looking in the direction of the Heavenly domain, his eyes filled with greed.

However, suddenly, a figure appeared in the purple lightning sea that was covered by the Lightning Palm.

He slowly straightened his body.

“Aren’t you ants getting happy before it’s even over?”

Xuan Yi’s indifferent voice rang out in the sky.

It wasn’t just those Ancient King Clan cultivators.

Even the proud and arrogant Ancient Emperor Ren couldn’t help but open his eyes wide!

A wisp of shock flashed in his eyes!

In the sea of lightning, Xuan Yi was holding the Blazing Silent Sword in his hand. The fiery red sword glint had a surging sword intent that was attached to it.

Under the protection of the sword intent, Xuan Yi survived the attack of the Lightning Palm!

“It’s the peak of the fifth-level sword intent, not the ordinary fifth-level sword intent. No wonder.”

The other cultivators hadn’t recovered from their shock yet, yet the Thunder Soaring God Emperor merely glanced at the level of the sword intent.

He could tell what Xuan Yi was relying on.

“Unfortunately, how long can your sword intent last?”

The Ancient Emperor Lei Ren’s voice was extremely contemptuous.

The peak of the fifth sword intent was indeed terrifying.

Many God Emperors specialized in the Dao of the Sword. In their entire lives, they might only have three levels of Sword Intent and be able to reach the fourth level.

They were like phoenix feathers and qilin horns[mfn]extremely rare[/mfn].

Unfortunately, this young man in front of him was only a little Human King!

Even if he was a Heavenly King, and he was at the peak of the fifth level of Sword Intent, it would only be futile before the Godforce of the Thunder Soaring Ancient Emperor!

That Palm Strike was just a casual strike.

“There’s no need to hold on a few times. I just want to see your strength.”

The corners of Xuan Yi’s mouth curled up slightly as his tone was very indifferent.

“You seem to have said before that you want me to break my meridians, spiritual roots and kneel in front of you to apologize, and you’d spare me?”

In the next moment, he took a step forward, and the Burning Silence Sword exploded out with a sharp sword cry. The sword qi that shot into the sky almost broke through the sky.