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?443 Chapter 257, smoking village 1

In the silent forest, a giant creature’s skeleton was located in the central area.

Its huge body almost broke all the trees in the surrounding and fell to the ground.

Through its sharp bone claws and its huge head, one could see the terrifying combat strength of the creature when it was alive.

Even after it had died for a long time, one could still feel a strong sense of oppression from its skeleton. This was the power of a king creature.

Although this level of oppression did not have much effect on the four wolves, it was extremely strong for ordinary creatures. As a result, no creatures were able to enter this forest for a long time, it even continued to disperse the original inhabitants.

Su Ming stepped forward and stood in front of this large skeleton. His height, which was more than two meters, was actually on par with the skeleton just now.

One had to know that the skeleton was in a half-paralyzed state. If it could stand up, its figure would definitely surpass Su Ming’s.

Looking at the large skeleton, Su Ming recalled the memories of the distant protected area. At that time, the Wolf Pack had also been attacked by Brown Bears. Although they ended up winning by a narrow margin, their powerful strength.., it left a deep impression on Su Ming.

Recalling his thoughts, Su Ming slightly raised his wolf claw, gathered the Thunder Energy, and gently placed it on top of the skeleton.


A clear sound was heard, as if something had been broken.

Immediately, a large amount of thunder entered the brown bear’s skeleton from the top of its claw, shattering its internal bones.

A large crack appeared on the skull of the brown bear. As time passed, it gradually spread and spread to every area.

As if it couldn’t withstand the fierce lightning, the entire skeleton immediately shattered and turned into powder. It scattered in the grass and completely disappeared.

At the same time, the pressure that was originally entrenched in the center of the forest also began to gradually fade and return to its original appearance.

Su Ming shook his wolf claws and swept away the white powder above. He withdrew his thunder potential energy and walked in the direction of the other three wolves.

In reality, he didn’t have to destroy the corpse and let it stay in the forest.

However, in order to maintain the ecological environment of the forest, Su Ming ultimately chose to destroy it and disperse the pressure, allowing the surrounding creatures to return to the forest.

Standing on the spot, Su Ming looked at the area in front of the right of the forest. He could feel that there were still signs of trees being pushed down and pushed into the distance.

Obviously, the other party’s footsteps proved Su Ming’s previous guess. This high-level creature was approaching the human city.

Whether it was for the rest of the journey or to confirm the safety of the human city, Su Ming needed to cross the forest to inspect it.

With this thought in mind, he led the Wolf Group and stepped forward again. They passed through the empty central area and went deeper into the forest.


About ten minutes later, the Wolf Pack arrived at the edge of the forest quite smoothly.

Through the gaps between the branches and leaves, they could vaguely see the scene of human buildings outside. This meant that they were close to the city.

Su Ming raised his wolf claws and pushed aside the branches and leaves in front of him. He led his three companions and walked out of the forest. What entered the eyes of the four wolves was a quiet village.

The path paved with cement and stone bricks proved that this village had a decent level of economy. Through the neatly trimmed weeds on both sides, one could detect that there were still people living in it until recently.

A large amount of dark smoke rose from the center of the village. This made Su Ming have a bad premonition in his heart.

He thought of the traces of high-level creatures that he had seen earlier. He guessed that they might be related to the other party.

He quickened his pace and led the team along the brick path toward the village.

As the Wolf Pack entered, the weeds on both sides gradually disappeared and were replaced by a golden paddy field.

It was obvious that this paddy field was well taken care of. It stood upright and was somewhat different from the wild paddy fields that the wolf pack had seen before.

However, there was a large patch of blood on the left side of the paddy field, indicating that the village had encountered some kind of crisis.

When Su Ming took a closer look, there was actually a figure lying in the middle of the paddy field. His body was full of claw marks, and the ground was filled with a large amount of dried blood. Presumably, the blood on the paddy field was left by this person.

When he came in front of this person, Su Ming deduced that this person had been dead for two days based on the degree of deterioration of his injuries and the rigor of his body.

Not being able to find his body for a long time and collect it was not a good sign.

Su Ming raised his head and looked at the location of the village. This was enough to show that there were not many humans left in the area.

Withdrawing his gaze, Su Ming gathered all the information he had.

Firstly, the high-level creatures that were good at strength seemed to be walking in a straight line towards the human city. It was possible that they had passed by this village.

Secondly, from the corpses of the dead humans, one could clearly see signs of claw marks. This was caused by the mutated creatures using their sharp claws. However, it did not match the strength of the high-level creatures. If it was the other party.., crushing the corpses would be more direct. It would be more like using the claws of the dead creatures 𝒇𝙧𝚎𝐞𝙬𝒆𝑏𝑛𝑜v𝚎𝒍.c𝑜m

There were still 2,000 left. They would finish it at night.

Far away from the area of the stream where they had rested earlier, the wolf pack walked back and once again headed west.